Monday, January 28, 2008


Well, Hi everyone. I have decided that since my life is so incredibly interesting I have started a blog. How excited you must all be! To be able to read all about me whenever you want. Hooray!

Anyway, and since there is so much happening for us right now I don't get to talk to most of my friends very often, so this might be a good way to keep up.

Were do I begin... oh yes, we bought our very first house! It is here in Vegas and currently in escrow. So we should be moving in the next month or so. We are all VERY excited. Especially the boys, as now they will each get their own room, and we'll have a great big backyard. Cahl and I are very happy that now we'll finally be in a home of our own after 6 years (3 spent living in base housing in Southern Cali, and the last 3 renting here in Vegas). It will be so nice to finally be able to make it our real home. So that is our biggest news.

Our other family news is our newest member- a puppy named Buddy. We got him last Saturday, and he has already settled right in with our chaos. He is a 9 week old lab mix, and very mellow. The boys are head over heels for him. They even took him to the pet store today and picked out some new toys for him. I secretly think he is just as much for Cahl as for the boys, as he can be found laying on the couch with the dog snuggled up on the floor beside him napping. He has already found Buddy's "spot", the one that makes his foot shake!

Well, that's about it. I think that's enough news for the first 4 weeks of the new year. Hope everyone is doing well.