Monday, June 30, 2008

Tristan Blah Football Blah

Sometimes I feel like every other post is about Tristan and football. So I promise this will be the last one for at least 2 months!

Tristan had a football party last Saturday, to celebrate the end of the season. We all went over to coach's house and had a pizza and pool party. After all the fun, coach handed out the trophies and congratulated all the kids on an awesome season. Things for next season are still up in the air, as some of the leagues have changed their weight and age divisions. So we are all still trying to figure out what will be best for the whole team and trying to keep them all together. We'll see what happens.

Cahl made a new highlight film for the party, so here is the link for it:

It is of the last 2 playoff games, and the championship game. Tristan's team wears silver jerseys, and he is number 16.

Friday, June 27, 2008


Oh the weekend is finally here!! I am SO happy! This week I worked 4 full days, and I am pooped. Taking care of kids is a lot harder than most people think. My room this week has had 20-25 kids every day, and they are all 3 years old. They are a little bit difficult because they are still too young to really understand a lot of things. Every trip outside is like trying to herd scattering tadpoles! They are still learning how to stand in a straight line and follow the leader. And when they throw a fit, there is no reasoning with them. So it gets a little frustrating after a while. But I think it is going well overall. My boys have been doing really well. Hunter is doing so much better. He hardly cries at all now when he sees me, instead today he came over and waved at me and then walked back to his group. And Tristan is having a blast. His class goes on different outings every day, to parks, swimming, the library. And I knew he'd do fine. That's just him. Jasen is also doing well. He is usually pretty quiet, but he always does what he is told and doesn't complain. So they are adjusting well. And me too.

So we leave for Salmon next week. Woo-Hoo!! I am so excited. I have a ton to do before we can go, but I plan on getting most of it done this weekend, and then just mapping out the rest for next week. That way I do some every day after work and it gets done without being so overwhelming. I can't wait to go home!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Tristan's Room

We painted Tristan's room this weekend. When we moved in it looked like this (not a great picture, but you can see the color):

We called it the pretty purple princess room. We have been wanting to get it done for a few months, and so we went to Lowe's last night and got the stuff. Then this morning we moved everything out and taped it all off, and then we went to town. The bottom is a dark blue, and the top is light blue. Then we put up a white chair rail. I still need to put up his pictures and stuff, and also get him another trophy shelf. I am going to swing in there this week and get two, one for Tristan and one for Jasen. We'll be doing Jasen and Hunter's room is next. We are starting to decide what we are going to do with it.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

New teeth, and a new job

Well, in the last week or so, Hunter has gotten 4 new teeth. All of his canine teeth came through, so now he has 16 all together!

And yesterday was my first day at my new job. So far it has gone pretty well. Yesterday I worked 5 hours, today I worked 7 1/2. I have been in the class room with the 4-5 year olds, Jasen's class, and it has been fun. It is a big group, and they can get a little rowdy, but not too much surprises me with them. Plus most of them seem to like me, so that's good. Some of them have tried testing me a little, but I think they see that I am nice as long as you listen and be respectful. But when your not, there will be consequences. And I have no problem standing up for myself with them. Jasen has done really well, following the rules and making new friends. Hunter had a little bit of a hard time at first, but he has never been away from me, so I expected that. He did much better today, and I think he'll continue to get used to everything new. Tristan has not gone yet. He will start next week, when he goes on track break. And I know he'll do fine. He is such a social butterfly, he is so good at making friends and following directions. He is always a big helper.

Monday, June 16, 2008


Both Jasen and Hunter went in for their check ups today, Jasen for his 5 year and Hunter for his 18 month. They are both doing wonderfully.

Jasen went first. He weighs 44 pounds and is right where he should be. His hearing and vision are both good as well. The doctor is also very impressed with his speech skills. And she thinks he'll do great in kindergarten this fall. The best part? No shots!

Then it was Hunter's turn. He weighed in at 26 pounds and is 32 inches tall. He has grown about 3 inches since his last visit. And she was also very impressed with his mobility, running and jumping. And his communication. He's doing really well. He also didn't need any shots! YAY!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day!

The boys got Cahl a new leaf blower for father's day. He had mentioned about a month or so ago that he wanted one, and he even looked at them at Lowe's. So I made a mental note of which one he wanted, and that is what the boys got for him. He hasn't used it yet, but he seems to like it pretty well. As for me, I got him a new package of socks!

This afternoon, Cahl's uncle Dan was having a Father's Day BBQ at his house. We headed over, and it was us, Dan and his wife Gail, Cahl's grandparents, Dan's son Raymond with his fiance and daughter, Dan's daughter Jayme with her husband and kids, Dan's son Jeremy, and Cahl's aunt Kathy with her son and daughter. It was a lot of fun, and the boys went swimming. Jasen went off the diving board for the first time. He was so excited! It was a really nice afternoon.

Jasen jumping off the diving board

More pretty fans

Cahl and I replaced the fan in our room yesterday. The bearings were going out in the old one, so we put in a nice new fan. Our plan is to eventually replace the one in the living room, and install one in the office.

Tristan's Trophy shelf

These are all the trophies Tristan has gotten over the years, 11 in all. He'll be getting another one in 2 weeks, for his last season of football. I really need to go down and get him another shelf!

Bike Racing and Plan B

Tristan had another bike race last night. It was at a different track, across town by Nellis.He did pretty well, finishing in 3rd place. He got a good size trophy, so he's happy. I couldn't get any good pictures, because by the time Tristan raced it was already dark. In between the initial heats and the main races, they had two bands come out and play. The first was a girl punk-like band, called The Dirty Panties (seriously. Would I make that up?!). All the kids were down in front of the stage in a sort of mosh pit, but they were just running around and jumping up and down. (sorry, no good pictures of them) Then the next band came out. They are called Plan B. They had all the kids come up on stage and dance and jump around with them while they played. The band was actually really good. And they were really awesome to the kids, they gave away a bunch of drumsticks, and sold cd's. The boys had a ton of fun.
Tristan with his new trophy
Tristan, right in the middle, white shirt, right next to the singer

All the kids on stage with the band

Monday, June 9, 2008

Bike Race

Tristan went to a bike race last Saturday night. It was a state race, but there were not that many people there. Tristan's group only had 5 kids. They went for 3 heats before the main. Then they take the 1st place winner from the first and second heats, and the 1st and 2nd winners from the last heat. Tristan lost the first two heats, and in the third heat he was in second place until the last second, when he got passed. So he didn't make it to the main race, but Cahl and I are so proud of him. He never wrecked the whole night, and he is doing so awesome! He is really getting the hang of it, when to pedal the hardest, when to coast, using his body to pull his bike up and down the hills. He's doing great and he is loving it!

Saturday, June 7, 2008


It's official. I have decided that our children suffer from some form of narcolepsy. This is where we found Tristan sleeping last night:

at the top of the stairs in a bean bag chair. And given Hunter's propensity to fall asleep wherever and whenever, I think maybe it is a family trait.

Friday, June 6, 2008

New trophy

Tristan has a new trophy to add to his growing collection. He went to a bike race last night. He didn't place, but he did get a trophy because it was his first race ever. He is really doing well on his bike, and he really seems to be enjoying it as well. He now has a membership to ABA (American BMX Association) and can race at any of their tracks around the country. Which is exciting, because there are several in Idaho, and also in Utah. Including one in Manti, which is just down the road from where Cahl's cousins live.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Our new hobby... BMX Racing! There is a really nice racing track at the same park where Tristan's football games have been. We noticed it a few months ago, but hadn't been able to go yet. They practice every Tuesday night, and race every Thursday night. Those were the same days as Tristan's football practice, so now that football is done, we thought we'd go check it out. Tristan did really well, only wrecking a few times. By the end of the night he wasn't wrecking at all. Jasen also gave it a go. He did really well the first little bit, and then he wrecked. He got scared after he wrecked, but he finished the whole track. He said he didn't want to go again, but he said he would try again next time.

Tristan getting ready to go, he is in the middle with a white shirt



Cahl helping Jasen get ready to go, he is wearing a white shirt with orange helmet

Cahl helping Jasen

Monday, June 2, 2008

Happy Birthday Jasen!

Our little Jasen turned the big 5 today! Unfortunately, he was a little sick last night and today, so we just had a quiet cake and present opening here at home. He got some good stuff, and he is really happy with it all. We also have plans to go see "Kung Fu Panda" this weekend, and have a special lunch with him.

Getting ready to blow out the candles

On his new hopper

What is it?

What a cool sprinkler!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Championship Game- Warriors vs. Cowboys

Tristan is in the middle, bent over, number 16

Tristan's championship game was yesterday morning. It was a very well fought game, very defensive. Our team was able to hold them for the first quarter, and we also made the first touchdown. But then the other team scored, and so going into halftime the score was 7-6. Our boys got discouraged and they seemed to give up a little. The other team scored twice during the 3rd quarter, so going into the 4th, the score was 20-6. During the final quarter, we scored again. The score was 20-12. That's how it stayed until the last few minutes of the game, until the other team scored again, and the game ended with a final score of 27-12. But it was a good game, and I am proud of the team once again for fighting so hard. This was their first season of 11 man football, and they made it all the way to second place. And that is something to be proud of. Next season we'll take 1st!

Weekend Fun

Cahl found this bike at a yard sale a few weeks ago. It had some chain issues, so he took it all apart today and fixed it. Tristan has fun riding it, but Jasen is just a little too short!

Cahl also found this silly scooter at a yard sale yesterday, and the boys love it! Especially Hunter, he loves to ride along.

Hitching a ride from mom!

Cahl jokes that we now have a garage full of crazy bikes!