Saturday, May 30, 2009

Football~Rage vs Jaguars

Today Tristan had two football games, the first was the playoff game, and the second was a makeup game. The first game of the day was against the Jaguars. They played well, and it was a pretty close game. The Jaguars pulled off a win though, and the final score was 27-20.

Football~Rage vs Bandits

Tristan's second game today was against the Bandits. The Rage played well, especially considering this was their second game of the day, and won 24-7. This was their final game of the season, and so the ended the season on a good note.

They really are bright kids, when they're not picking their noses!

Soccer Game

Jasne had another soccer game today. His team played against his friend Turner's team today, and both teams played really well. The final score was 0-0. Only 2 more games left in the season, and I am happy to have a little break for a few months!

Friday, May 29, 2009


Tristan's class had a "Living Museum" at school today. There were about 20 kids, and they were all different people throughout American history. They all stood as "statues" around the room, and recited a short dialogue about themselves when you pushed their button. It was SO flippin cute! I loved it!

Tristan was Theodore Roosevelt:

His costume was awesome! We got everything for it at some thrift stores, and put it all together in the last few days. His teacher just raved about how good he looked.

My little Rough Rider

With is friend Adrien, as Abraham Lincoln


they grow up so fast!

Monday, May 25, 2009


Jasen asked that we go camping for his birthday, so we took the boys camping for Memorial Day weekend. We went up to Pine Valley Utah. This was Hunter's first camping trip, and he had so much fun! He collected hundreds of pine cones, dug holes, played in the creek. And he was so excited to sleep in his sleeping bag! We went fishing several times, caught around 10 fish altogether, went for a short hike, took a few naps, and just hung out at the campsite. I also took TONS of pictures, so many that my camera battery died Sunday afternoon! So enjoy!

Hunter napped on the way up

Cahl caught a fish while we were hiking

Our crooked self portrait

Stopping to smell the flowers

Buddy got a stick

Hunter got a ride down

Cleaning the fish they caught...

Getting them ready to eat...

And eating them!
Tristan found a shovel in the creek (which later became Hunter's!)

Hunter "riding" Buddy

I caught two fish

Taking a walk

Jasen fishing

Catching a water snake (and as soon as they did, my camera died for the last time!)

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

So Sexy

Cahl and I were messing around in the garage tonight and pulled out his box of Marine Corps stuff. So I decided to put on his old school vest and pack. I especially love the helmet! Don't be jealous!


Tristan had a pack meeting for scouts tonight. He earned 9 new beltloops! He's done really well, and only has 6 more things to do before he earns his Wolf badge.

Getting all his beltloops

After the meeting, we gave Tristan's friend Spencer a ride home. And we took all the boys out for ice cream.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Mt. Charleston

We took the boys up to Mt. Charleston this afternoon. We took Buddy and a light picnic. The boys had a great time exploring. And Buddy also had a great time running around and peeing on everything!

What a fascinating stick

Ta Da!

Best buddies

Goin for a walk

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Wrestling Party

The boys finally had their Team Vegas wrestling party this afternoon. It was a lot of fun at a big park. There was a huge crowd of kids of all ages, and they were out in the grass playing football and kickball. Just hanging out together having fun. Then after it got dark, the coach put on a slide show of all the kids from throughout the season. It was really nice. After that, they gave out trophies and coaches awards. It was kind of a long party, but I thought it was really nice and I had a really good time. Tristan even lost another tooth while we were there! He's so funny, he insisted that he be the one to pull it out. And he did, with a napkin! He was so proud once he got it out!

Waiting in line for kickball

Tristan taking a break

Jasen playing football

What goes up...

must come down! Hunter loves this game!

Some awesome product placement ( I promise we didn't tell him to do that!!)

Jasen checking out the trophies

Jasen and Tristan