Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Slip and Slide

Jasen got a slip and slide for his birthday, so we decided to break it out the other day when it was nice out. He and Tristan had a blast!



Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Last night was another pack meeting for Tristan. He has worked really hard the last few months, and last night he received his Wolf Badge! He also earned another belt loop, and a bunch of arrow points. We are so proud of him for all of his hard work!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Soccer Game

Today was Jasen's last soccer game of the season. His team played well, but lost 2-1. Jasen made our team's only goal this week. After the game the whole team went to CiCi's Pizza for lunch and cake. He also got his pictures today, and they turned out cute. Trophies should be coming next week sometime, and he can't wait for that!

Football Party

Tristan's end of season football team party was this afternoon. It was at a huge nearby park. Tristan's team is enormous. They have 4 teams in all, one on each age level. So there were probably at least a hundred people there. The team had quite the setup- tons of food, a bounce house, music, and a trailer with snow cones and other treats. Since we had prepaid, we got wristbands that allowed the boys unlimited snow cones. I quit counting how many they ate after 2 or 3 each! It was a really nice time. The coaches all did the normal trophy/picture/speech ceremony for all the players, coaches, and team moms. At the very end, the kids and parents had a HUGE water balloon fight. There must have been a few hundred water balloons flying. One bunch of kids set up at the top of the hill and another set up at the bottom, and they just launched volley after volley of water balloons up and down the hill. It was so funny to watch.

I think this is round 2

Hunter went to check out the turtles...

and the water park

Tristan getting his trophy and plaque

Friday, June 12, 2009

Roller Skating

Last night Jasen and Tristan's school had a skate night at the roller rink. The boys had never been skating before. I used to skate all the time, and was fairly decent at it, but I think it's probably been at least 10 years since the last time I went. Nevertheless, we all went and all 3 boys and myself skated. Cahl was a party pooper and only took pictures. We didn't stay very long, it started to get pretty crowded toward the end, but the boys all had a good time. They definitely need A LOT more practice, but I think they'll get the hang of it.

Jasen, his first time around

Tristan even raced at the end, he's in the middle in the grey shirt

Hunter and I

Monday, June 8, 2009

Fire Station

Today I took Tristan and Jasen, and their friends Spencer and Turner to the fire station. Tristan and Spencer needed to tour a fire station for one of their scout badges, and Jasen and Turner tagged along. They toured the inside of the station- the living room, kitchen, dorms, and offices. Then they got to go out to the garage and see the trucks. They sat in the big engine and each got to try on the fireman's helmet. Then they got to each have a turn "spraying" the hose. After that they got to go into the ambulance and check everything out. The firemen had all the trucks open so the kids could see everything, and when the boys walked in, Jasen pointed to the ambulance and said "that's where they put the sick people. Or dead people." A little morbid for a 6 year old, but I thought it was kinda funny. Observant anyway.

So they all had a good time. And they all got fire hats on the way out!

Saturday, June 6, 2009


Tristan was baptized and confirmed today. It was so nice, and Cahl's cousins Stacey and Andy came down from Utah to support him. Of course, I bawled like a baby. I can't even get through "I am a Child of God" without crying! But it was all worth it in the end!

Tristan, Caitlyn, and Spencer

He's so proud of his new suit!

Soccer Game

Jasen had a soccer game today. It was a close game, but Jasen's team lost 3-5. Jasen scored 2 goals today! He was on fire!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Jasen had a heck of a bithday weekend this year! On Sturday night, we had a party at Peter Piper for his soccer team, and his friends. Then today I took cupcakes to his class at school. And tonight we had brownies and presents with his frends from down the street. I have to admit, I love cupcakes and brownies, but I really don't think I could eat another one right now!

His birthday cupcake cake:

Playing games:

Opening presents:

Eating brownies:

Happy Birthday Jasen!

Today is Jasen's 6th birthday! He is so much fun to have around, and I am so happy that we are lucky enough to have him!

Here are my 6 favorite things about Jasen:

1. Jasen was 2 1/2 weeks late coming into the world. In my heart, I truely believe that he was waiting for Cahl to come home. For those who don't know, Cahl had been deployed to Iraq the last 4 months of my pregnancy. Jasen was born 4 days after Cahl got back.

2. He has always been super snuggly. He loves to snuggle up with you. He used to call it "nuggling." He would come up to me and say he wanted some nuggle time.

3. Sometimes when he smiles, he wrinkles up his nose and makes the cutest face. But only if he thinks something is really funny, or if he is embarrassed.

4. He and Hunter are very close. they share a room, and many nights I go in and they are asleep together!

5. He used to struggle with pronunciation. He didn't say "s", and would instead make an "h" sound. He called flip flops "hip hops," and we still call them that today because it was so cute!

6. He has a very even temperment. He has always been very calm and quiet. He isn't really into tv or video games, but he loves to read and write and draw pictures.


And Now:

Happy Birthday Jasen! We love you so much!