Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Last night was Trunk or Treat. The boys had a blast, and got loads of candy!

Tonight we also took the boys around our neighborhood, and they did awesome! After we got all the candy from last night and tonight combined, we weighed it and they brought home a grand total of 25 pounds of candy and goodies!! Holy Crap!

Ready to go get some candy!

Football~ Bone Crushers vs Steelers

Today the boys played the Steelers. The team played well, and won again- 26-6. Tristan even got to run the ball again today, and he was able to get a few yards. His best friend Spencer even ran in a 40 yard touchdown.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Wrestling Clinic

As you all know, my boys love to wrestle, and they love the UFC. So when Cahl and I heard about a free wrestling clinic being put on today by Randy Couture, we knew we needed to take the boys down. Randy Couture is a former wrestler, and has been fighting MMA for years. A few years ago, he opened an MMA training center/gym here in town, which is where the clinic was. His center is awesome. It has an MMA octagon, a boxing ring, a huge wrestling area, probably close to 20 heavy bags hanging, as well as normal gym equipment- treadmills, weights, ect. It was a really nice facility, not at all pretentious like some celebrity things can be.

Anyway, we were expecting quite a crowd, so we got there a little early, but it really wasn't nearly as packed as we thought it would be. Probably around 50 kids showed up. Randy and his head coach each made a short speech about what they want for the sport of wrestling here in Vegas, and they are starting a youth wrestling team. I guess this was also an opportunity to join his team, but of course we already have a team so we didn't sign up. After the intros, all the kids did some warm ups and divided into pairs, and then Randy and the head coach demonstrated some moves the kids. They were really good about explaining what to do and how to do it. They showed the kids what to do, and when it was time for the kids to practice, they both walked around the entire mat and watched each pair. They gave every kid attention, telling them that they were doing a good job, and giving them pointers. Randy even went up to Jasen and noticed his "tattoos" from is Halloween costume. It was cool that he noticed one of the smallest kids and chatted with him on a personal level for a minute. The clinic only lasted about an hour, but the boys learned about 3-4 new moves and had a lot of time to practice them. After it was done, Randy was really nice about taking pictures and giving autographs to all the kids. The boys both had a really good time, and it was so nice to meet such a nice guy. I do have to say, he was not nearly as big as I thought he would be. Don't get me wrong, he's still a big guy, and he could easily kick my butt with his pinky! He just isn't the big, hulking heavyweight I'd expected. He looked like a normal guy I would run into at the Post Office.

Jasen jogging, with Randy in the background

Tristan wrestling

The boys with Randy Couture

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Football~ Bone Crushers vs Spartans

The boys' played their 3rd game today, going against the Spartans. Our team did awesome- winning 24-7. I am so proud of the team. Most of them are so small and young, and yet we are 3-0 so far this season! Tristan has really stepped it up, showing that he is capable of being a really great player. He has the size and experience, and his speed is improving. Jasen has also done a great job. He gets knocked down a lot, but he always gets back up and follows through. He has learned a lot, and is continuing to improve every week.

Fall Festival

Last night was the boys' Fall Festival at school. They were so excited about wearing their costumes, they talked about it everyday for 2 weeks! They all looked great. Jasen got several high-fives from people for his Biker costume, and quite a few people told Tristan how good his Joker costume was. And we couldn't walk more than a few feet without someone commenting about Hunter! People kept coming up to us telling us how cute he was and how good his costume is. A few people even asked if they could take his picture! They had a great time playing all the games, having their fortunes told, and going through the haunted house. Hunter also had a great time on the playground!

The Biker, The Joker, and The Oompa Loompa

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Football~ Bone Crushers vs Wolves

Today the boys' team played the Wolves. The Wolves are still a pretty young team, and so our team played with mostly our young new players. Jasen got a lot of play time today. During one kickoff return, the ball landed right in front of Jasen and rolled into his foot. He reached down and grabbed it, and then got tackled. It was so awesome to see my little Jasen get the ball! I wish I had been able to get a photo of it. Tristan also got quite a bit of play time today. He even ran the ball in for a 2 point conversion! It was his first time ever scoring points! The Bone Crushers won 24-12, and it was a really great game for both of my boys!

Jasen- in the middle with his hand down

Jasen, waiting for the kickoff

Tristan- second from the right handing the ball off

Thursday, October 15, 2009

UFL Game

So there is a new up and coming pro football league called the UFL- United Football League. They have a team here in Vegas, and last night 4 local peewee teams were chosen to scrimmage during the pregame. Our very own Bone Crushers were one of the chosen teams! We got to play out at Sam Boyd Stadium, and they were all so excited! Our team played really well, and won their scrimmage. After they were done playing, the entire team sat together to watch the UFL game. The boys had a lot of fun, and it was a lot of fun to see them play on the big field!

The team coming onto the field

Jasen, second from the right

Tristan, number 53

My boys after the game, numbers 53 and 4

Saturday, October 10, 2009


Hunter got into my make up the other day. He's so pretty.

Football~ Bone Crushers vs. Jaguars

The boy's first football game of the season was today. They played the Jaguars, and we were a little nervous before hand. They played this team last season twice and lost both times. We were also a little nervous for Jasen today, since it was his first game ever. Tristan played the majority of the game. He got several good tackles, and even ran the ball for about 4 yards. Jasen also played for several plays and he did pretty well. He had a couple good blocks. I think it's a little harder for him, since he's so short, but he did really well. That kid has a lot of heart and he never gives up. And the Bone Crushers won their first game! The final score was 26-12. I am so proud of both my kids, and also the rest of the team. We have a very young team this season, mostly 5 and 6 year olds. But they have been working their butts off at practice, and it showed today.

Team captains- Jasen's number 4

Tristan number 53

Jasen number 4

Tristan- second from the left, running the ball

Jasen- in the middle

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


This post is somewhat long and detailed, and probably boring to everyone else, but I wanted to write it all down for my own sake.

We made the trip up to Idaho last weekend for my grandma's services. We left Vegas in true Gouker fashion- at 3am, and after stopping for breakfast in Provo, got to Burley around 1pm. The trip up was non-eventful, that is until right after we crossed into Idaho, when it began raining- which then turned into snow. Great. It's snowing, and I am wearing flip flops. Anyway, we got there, checked into the hotel, and promptly went swimming. It was so nice to relax in the hot tub and let the boys burn off some of their pent up energy for a while. The rest of my family- my parents, my sister and her family, my aunt and uncle, and 3 cousins with their wives and families- got to town a few hours later, and we all went out to dinner together. That evening, Sunday, was my grandma's viewing at the funeral home. It was open house style, with a lot of extended family there. One of my cousins had also made a slide show using pictures of my grandma, and that was really neat to see, as I hadn't seen most of the pictures of her as a young lady. I'll tell you what, my grandma was a dish back in the day!! After the viewing, most of us all went swimming again. It was nice to just sit around and visit with everyone. Monday morning, all of us at the hotel had breakfast together, and then started getting ready for the next service. My grandmother was buried in Pocatello, and so we all checked out of the hotel around 11:30 to drive there. We got there around 12:30 and my parents, sister, niece and us went and had a small lunch before the graveside service. Due to the weather being so cold and rainy, they decided not to do a service at the graveside, and instead only did the dedication. My grandma's brother, Roy, said the opening prayer, and my Uncle Mike gave the dedicatory prayer in LDS style, which had me bawling. After that was done, everyone headed over to the luncheon. There, my great aunt Gladys (my grandma's sister) did my grandma's life sketch. Her brother Wally sang a beautiful song called "That Wonderful Mother of Mine," which had the whole room in tears. My uncle Kevin and his daughter and grandkids also sang some songs as well. My sister and I both lost it when he played "You are my Sunshine," as that is the song my mom sang to us, and I have sung to each one of my boys. They refer to it as "their" song. After the luncheon and memories were done, we headed home around 3:30, and got home to Vegas right about midnight Monday night. It was a very short trip, but it was really nice to be able to go. The services were both tasteful and very respectful, and that makes me very happy. I am very grateful that we were able to go as a family.

My dad and his siblings
L-R: Aileen, Mark (my dad), Maxine, Stephen, Kevin