Saturday, November 28, 2009

Bonnie Springs

So today was Girl's Craft Day at Cahl's uncle Mike's house. We sent the guys- Cahl, Andy and Mike- with the kids- Tristan, Jasen, Hunter, Alasondra, and Nila- out to Bonnie Springs for the day. Then us girls- Diana, Cherie, Kathy, Stacey, Chrystee, Caitie and I stayed to do crafts. I worked on getting caught up on my scrapbooking, Cherie worked on a quilt, and the others all worked on Christmas cards. It was a lot of fun, and I think we all got a lot done. Plus it was nice to be kid free for a while!

The guys went out to Bonnie Springs. The kids had a great time watching the shows, going to the petting zoo and having lunch. After they were done there, they went to Bass Pro, which is doing a bunch of kids Christmas activities. Of course, since the guys were in charge of taking pictures, they didn't take very many. Only a few at Bonnie Springs, and none of the zoo. Or at Bass Pro. Oh well.

They locked the children up!

Everyone (except Andy) waiting for the show

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


I took Tristan and Jasen down to the library today. They had been waiting (im)patiently for a few months for me to have a Hunter-free day to take them. So we finally went while he was at his weekly playgroup. They were so excited and could hardly wait! We all got library cards, and they each checked out 2 books. They are so proud of their new cards!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Wrestling Tournament

Today was the first wrestling tournament of the season, out in Indian Springs. We got there and weighed in early, and then we went over to see Cahl's step-grandma. She lives in Indian Springs, and since we hadn't seen her in over a year we decided to stop in and visit. It was so nice to see her for a bit. Then we went back over to the school for the tournament. It wasn't very crowded, so that was nice. We weren't able to stay for the whole day, because we had to leave to go to a football game in the afternoon, but the boys were both able to have 3 matches. They both lost all 3, so that was a little sad. However, at the end of the day they did end up placing- Tristan took 5th and Jasen took 6th. At least now they know what they need to work on before the next tournament.

Jasen, in blue

Tristan on the left

Football~ Bone Crushers vs Rhinos

After the wrestling tournament, we drove all the way back down to Henderson for a football game. We got there with enough time for the boys to weigh in and warm up a little before the game started. They played the Rhinos today, and won 26-6. It was a good game, and Jasen got some really good tackles! Tristan also had some awesome blocks and tackles. And now on to the Bowl Games!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Football~ Bone Crushers vs Green Machine

Well, today's game was rough. Not only was it freezing thanks to the wind, the game started over an hour late. The team we played is really really good, and we ended up losing 25-0. Tristan had some really great tackles and blocks today, and Jasen got a lot of play time today as well. It was our first loss of the season, so that was a bummer. But on the up side, we ran into 4 or 5 other families there that we used to play with and hadn't seen for quite a while. So that made it a really nice day for me anyway. We only have 2 games left for the season, and next week should be pretty easy. After that will be our Bowl game, so we'll have to wait and see who we will be up against for that.

It was past Hunter's nap time!

Monday, November 9, 2009


Today was our ultrasound. It went really well, and everything is looking good. My due date is accurate, the baby is measuring well, heartrate is good.

Upon further review, it was decided that we are going to need lots and lots of these:

and lots of these:

And it looks like we'll be needing some of these:

And maybe even some of these:

I'm still in shock.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Football~ Bone Crushers vs Cowboys

Holy Crap! That about sums up today's game against the Cowboys. This was a game that we were all nervous going into, because we are undefeated and so are they. We also practice at the same school as them, and so we have scrimmaged them a few times as well. Everyone knew it was going to be a battle. And it was. The game went back and forth- we scored and then they scored. It went like that until the score was them 20, us 18. Then in the last few minutes, our boys scored again and the final score was 24-20. Yay! We won! Tristan got some good tackles and blocks today. But it was intense. Parents and coaches all fired up. Kids all fired up. Yep, it was a good game!