Wednesday, September 30, 2009


My grandmother passed away this morning at the age of 84. She had a stroke about 6 1/2 years ago, and has been under constant care ever since. I received word last Friday that things weren't looking good, and so this is not a shock, but still. No matter how prepared you are for the call, it's still never easy. It never makes the news any less sad. So we'll be headed up to Idaho this weekend for the services, and a mini-reunion of sorts. I haven't seen most of my extended family for several years so that part will be nice.

Friday, September 25, 2009


So today Jasen finally got his soccer trophy from last spring! As to why it took 5 months to get it, that's a very long story. But he is just thrilled to have another trophy to add to his collection!

Monday, September 21, 2009


Last weekend my sister Saliesh, her husband Kurt, her daughter Paige, and my mom came to town for a visit. Kurt had a college reunion, so he spent quite a bit of time doing that stuff, but the rest of us all got to spend a lot of time together and it was really nice.

Friday morning while Tristan and Jasen were at school, my mom, Saliesh and I took Hunter and Paige to the Lied Discovery Museum. The kids had a great time!

They did some shopping:

Loading up their baskets

And helping each other check out

They saw a million pennies:

Hunter learned how to work the ATM:

The big bubble makers are always a hit:

They had fun at the water table:

And dressing up in costumes:

Hunter made this big guy burp (which scared him to death!):

They got in the wind tunnel, which Hunter loves and Paige was not so sure about:

And did puzzles:

Later that afternoon we went down to their hotel and went swimming for a while. The boys had so much fun.
Saturday Tristan and Jasen had a rehearsal in the morning, so my mom, Hunter, Cahl and I went and did a little shopping while we waited for them. Later that afternoon, Saliesh, Kurt and Paige came over for dinner and play time. The kids all had a good time playing on the trampoline and riding the bikes.
Sunday morning, our family went to church. the Primary Program was this weekend, and the boys both did great singing and with their lines. After the program, we met Saliesh and Paige at our house and all headed out to Red Rock for a picnic. The older boys had a ton of fun climbing the rocks, and the little ones had fun playing around the picnic site.
Hunter and Paige
After we came home and took naps, the boys, my mom and I went down to the hotel to go swimming again. After dinner, we said our goodbyes and came home. My family left to head back to Idaho today, but it was a nice visit.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Tonight was Tristan's monthly pack meeting. He has done so much in the last month, and earned himself 3 new belt loops- for swimming, rollerskating, and badminton! We are just so proud of him and all of his hard work!

Monday, September 14, 2009


Last weekend Cahl was able to go up to the Motherwell Lodge in Colorado on a pheasant hunt. He went up Thursday, hunted Friday and Saturday, and came home Sunday. He had a great time, and shot lots of pheasant and chukars.

Cahl, second from right

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


We spent last weekend up at the cabin. It was really nice to go and spend some time relaxing with family. There wasn't very many people there, only 13, but it was so nice to visit. We went up Saturday morning and got there around 10. We spent the afternoon building bean bag toss games, and sewed over 50 bean bags. They were a hit, and a lot of time was spent playing the game!

Cahl and Andy playing the bean bag toss game

Sunday, Cahl helped Tristan build a sign with his name on it, and it turned out really nice. He is so excited to put it up in his room!




The final product!

Cahl and I bought this Jeep for Tristan when he turned 2, and several years ago we donated it to the cabin. It was Hunter's favorite thing to do, by far! He drove it all over the place! Down the hill, up the hill, around the porch, around the shop, anywhere it would go!

Nila and Hunter taking a ride

This little motor bike belongs to a friend's son, and they were also up at their property this weekend. So Tristan borrowed it and he and Cahl took a ride. Tristan loves riding anything with a motor and wheels, so he was in heaven!

Cahl on the 4wheeler, and Tristan on the motor bike

Of course, after a hard day of playing, there is nothing better than swinging on the hammock!

Thursday, September 3, 2009


Alright so, I am about 11 weeks along now and I don't even know what to think. This pregnancy has been so entirely different from all the others! I have been nauseous almost constantly for the last month, and now my nose is super sensitive. Last week at Walmart, I had to get some chicken, and as I walked through the meat isle, I was hit with a horrible wave of nausea. The smell of meat and fish was so strong, I thought I was going to throw up right there on the floor. I never did throw up, but the rest of the day was pretty well shot. Then a few days ago, Cahl let Angus in the house to pet him, and he smelled so bad I started to cry. Now, he really doesn't smell bad, he just smells like a dog, but it was way to much for me. Then today, again at Walmart, I smelled things that are packed solidly in cans and jars- like salsa, tuna, garlic in the little jars, ect. And it's not a faint smell, it's like I am holding an open jar of garlic right under my nose! Ugh! I have never had morning sickness before, and my nose has never betrayed me like this before. I am secretly convinced that this kid is spiting me for all the bad things I have ever done.