Saturday, October 30, 2010

Trunk or Treat

Tonight was Trunk or Treat. The boys had a great time as always!


We finally picked out our pumpkins yesterday. So last night Tristan, Jasen and Cahl all carved theirs. Then this morning I did mine, and Cahl helped Hunter, and then Cahl also carved one for Brinley. She had a great time playing with the pumpkins before they got carved!

Cahl helping Hunter

Hunter helping me


Jasen's soccer game went really well today. His team won 2-0. Tristan's team had a bye this week, so it was kinda nice to only have 1 game to worry about.

Friday, October 29, 2010


One of the kids on Jasen's soccer team invited us to a Halloween party tonight. Cahl took the older two boys, while I stayed home with the younger two. They went and had a great time. Jasen even won 1st place in the costume contest! He was so stoked when they got home!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Girls Trip

So my very best friend in the whole world Gabrielle came down to visit me, and we went on a road trip to California last weekend! Cahl very generously offered to stay home with all 4 kids, while her and I went on a 4 day girls only extravaganza! Have I ever mentioned how amazing he is? Have I? Just checking! Anyway, we left here around 9am Friday morning headed to Long Beach. We stopped on our way out of town at Bass Pro to pick up some mace- just in case! We made it all the way to Baker, and decided we simply must stop at the World's Tallest Thermometer, just to see how tall it really is. And it sure is tall. I practically had to sit of the ground 50 yards away from it to get the whole thing in a picture. After that little detour, which took all of about 10 minutes, we were on our way once again.

We pulled into Long Beach about 2pm, and guess where we stayed. No really, guess! We stayed on The Queen Mary!! Seriously! Oh. My. Gosh. It is AMAZING!!!

We checked in, put all our stuff in our room, and headed out to tour the boat. It is huge, and just beautiful. We did our own self guided tour, starting down in the engine room. They have the original replacement anchor on display, and it is enormous! Then you can go down and walk through all the engines and on the little catwalks, it's really cool.

After we saw the engine deck, we went up to the main deck. We just had to take "Titanic" style photos! We are such dorks!

There are these really cool, old red London style phone booths all over the boat. There are not phones in them anymore, but they are just really neat. We loved them. The Isolation Room is a little creepy, as it was meant for quarantine type purposes, however there was a sign that said that no one was ever kept in there for that reason. Instead it was used to house stowaways.

There is also a wedding chapel aboard, and an outside wedding gazebo. That was really pretty.

As we were wandering along, we came across the radio room. We met 4 very nice people in there, 1 lady and 3 gentlemen. They are all volunteers who just hang out and run the old radios. They were very friendly, invited us in and chatted with us for a while. One guy, Larry, knew EVERYTHING about the boat. He gave us a mini history lesson about the ship. We told him he should be hired as a full time tour guide! They were even nice enough to take our picture with the old radio microphones.

After we left there, we went through to Captain's Quarters, were the captain and officers used to live. It was really cool to see their uniforms and their rooms. That is, until we got kicked out. I don't know why, but some security guard came in and informed us we were not welcome in that area. Dumb, since it's on the tour map as one of the stops. Oh well.

After we finished our tour, we went back to our room to get ready for dinner. We went to the Observation Bar located at the back of the boat. There we had dinner and drinks before heading to lounge at Sir Winston's, which is the more hoity toity restaurant aboard. We stayed there for several hours chatting with the bartender, since he was the only person in the entire lounge, having a few drinks while we relaxed. After they closed down, we went back to the Observation Bar. They now had a live jazz band going. It was awesome to sit and watch the drunk younger girls trying to do the Charleston while swaying and stumbling. Then once we had a few more drinks, and the band packed up and left, we made our way back to our room for the night.

After we got up the next morning and got going, we had breakfast at the Promenade Cafe. We got there right after breakfast was no longer being served, but we managed to talk them into letting us have Eggs Benedict, since we had had our hearts set on it since the night before. Which was amazing. Well worth waiting for! After we ate, we walked around the deck again before checking out.

We also went on a tour of the Russian submarine docked in the water next to the Queen Mary. It was awesome! I have never been in a submarine before, and it was really neat.

Then after we said farewell to the Queen Mary, we set out for Venice Beach. I just love Venice, and Gabrielle had never been there before. We rented beach cruisers and rode them up the boardwalk, all the way to the Santa Monica Pier, and then back down again.
Then we headed up the road to the pier for dinner and the Ferris wheel. Neither of us had ever been there, and I have always just really wanted to ride the Ferris wheel. It was so fun. We got on about dusk, and so it was light enough to see everything, but also dark enough to see all the lights. It was beautiful!
Once we got done there, we drove back down through Orange County to Dana Point, which is were our hotel was. When Cahl and I used to live down in San Clemente, we spent quite a bit of time in Dana Point, as the two cities touch. We used to take Tristan and Jasen to the harbor to see all the boats, and we even went out whale watching from there one time. Gabrielle had never had the opportunity to come and visit us when we lived down there, so she was pretty excited to see it. We checked into the hotel Saturday night and went straight to our pj's! We were pooped!
Sunday morning we got up and ready, and set out for the Orange County swap meet. Gabrielle had never been to a swap meet before, so she was super excited to go. And I love them! We spent about 4 hours trolling through everything. There was tons to see! There was even a Hearse Club gathering. Honestly. I can't make this stuff up! Who even knew there were such things as hearse clubs anyway? But apparently there are, and we saw it. Very interesting. And a little creepy. So once we finished up there, we cruised back down to good old Camp Pendelton. We drove past our old house, which looks great. Newly painted, and all new vinyl fencing. However, I did notice that the new residents have not taken such great care of my flower bed out front. But anyway.
We went down to the beach there, and just strolled through the water and sand for quite a while. Our family spent countless hours on that beach. From family time, to Cahl's shop parties. When Cahl had to go to training for 2 months, I would take Tristan and Jasen down there every morning. They loved to play for an hour or two before lunch and nap time. So I do love that stretch of sand.

After we were done there, we drove around base a little while I showed her all the places we used to go. The barracks were Cahl lived, and were he worked. The big swimming pool I would take the boys to in the summer. Anyway, after our drive down memory lane we went back to the hotel to get ready for dinner. We went to a nice sushi place just down the street. And I had sake for the first time. It wasn't awful and I kinda liked it.
Monday morning we set out bright and early for LA- we had big plans to go on The Price is Right! We got there at 10am, but the 12:20 taping that we wanted to go to was already full. Boo. They told us we could come back for the 4pm taping, but we would have to check in at 12:30. And once you check in, you can't leave. Boo. We decided we didn't really want to sit there for 6 hours, so we left.
We went next door to The Grove shopping center. It is kinda like Town Square or The Green Valley Ranch here. An outdoor mall. We had lunch at Johnny Rockets, which was way cool. An old school diner with killer burgers, fries and shakes. Then we walked around and did some shopping. When we decided it was time to leave, we took the trolley train back down to the parking garage. And as we went, we saw Mario Lopez! Slater! Woo! Apparently he was there with Cindy Crawford filming for his new show. Sweet, my very first celebrity sighting! And sadly I didn't even think to take a photo.
I had my heart set on seeing the Hollywood sign, and we weren't far away, so we went in search of it. After some confusing directions from Cahl, we asked some guys at a 7-Eleven. They were very helpful, and we finally found it. We happened to park under Madame Tussauds Wax Museum. So we went to the wax museum. It was awesome. Super fun!

Once we saw all of that, we walked down the street to the place to see the sign. There is another outdoor mall with a special observation deck so you can see the sign. It was pretty far away, but hey, we could see it! So cross another thing off my bucket list!

After that was all said and done, we headed back home to Vegas. It was an incredible 4 days, and we both had a great time! We acted like totally obnoxious tourists, taking pictures of everything, and constantly asking other people to take our pictures. But it was wonderful! I think we'll make this an annual event!