Tuesday, June 22, 2010

San Diego- Wednesday

We set out for sunny San Diego at 5am Wednesday morning. We caravaned with our friends, the Thurmonds, whose son Keaton is also on the football team, and Tristan's best friend. After stopping for breakfast in Baker, we made it to our hotel at 10:30. We checked in and got great rooms- 2 adjoining rooms on the second floor overlooking the pool. Perfect! As soon as we got settled in our rooms, we went straight to the beach! We went to Mission beach, which was only about 5 minutes away. The kids had so much fun. Hunter had been talking about boogie boarding for weeks, but after he tried it once, he was over it. So he spent his time digging in the sand and building sand castles. Tristan and Keaton boogie boarded most of the time, and all the kids just loved being there. It was so nice to be on the beach again. I sure miss that!


Cahl and Hunter

Cahl and Tristan

Holly and I

Hunter telling Cahl and Jesse what to do


Keaton and Holly


Cahl and Jesse's handywork

After going to the beach, we got cleaned up and went out to the opening ceremonies for the football tournament. It was held at Mesa college, and it was packed. A total of 92 teams came and competed from 5 states. For the ceremony, they lined up all the teams by division and announced each team and then each individual player. It was really neat, but it lasted forever!

San Diego- Thursday

Since Thursday was a day with nothing scheduled, Cahl and I really wanted to take the boys down to the Marine Corps Recruiting Depot. MCRD is were they do boot camp here on the west coast, and it's where Cahl went. I have never been there, and Cahl hadn't been there in 10 years. Our friends also came with us, and I think they liked seeing everything. There is a museum there, and we took the boys to it. It was really neat, they had a different area or room for each war. There is even a small room for Operation Iraqi Freedom, which Cahl was a part of. It's funny that we have some of the same things shown! It was cool that we were able to go on Thursday, because that is family day. There is a boot camp graduation every Friday, so on Thursday the families are allowed to come and see their family members. They get to watch a Moto run- which is were all the platoons come out and stand in formation, then they run around base singing cadences. It is really the first time that these families have seen their Marines in 3 months, so it's pretty emotional. After we saw the run, we walked down to check out the PX, and then went to lunch there on base. The restaurant was really nice, overlooking the little bay. We took the kids down to a little park after lunch to burn off some energy.

in the OIF room

we have this same map

Our friends the Thurmonds

Once we got one at MCRD, we went back to our room to pack for the beach. We drove down toward La Jolla and found a cool little cove. We had to hike down to it a bit, but once we got down it was awesome! We set up a little BBQ, and cooked out. It was so much fun, and one of my favorite parts of our trip! After we packed all of our stuff back into the vehicles, we walked down to see were the sea lions hang out. The kids really liked seeing them.

Our beach kitchen

Jesse sharing his chips

We attracted a lot of birds

The sea lions

Tristan and Keaton

San Diego- Friday

Friday started out with an early game- 8am. Our boys went out and played their little hearts out, but they lost 18-6. The team they played was from Arizona, and they were great. (They went on to win the championship game on Sunday in the midget division.)

After the game, Cahl, Tristan and Jasen went with our friends down to the beach for a while. I decided to stay back at the hotel to let Hunter and Brinley take a good nap. After everyone got back and ready, we headed out to the Padre's baseball game. The league had provided free tickets to all the players, and $5 tickets for family members, so most of the team went. It was really fun, we tailgated for a few hours before the game started. Our seats were up in the nose-bleed section, but we still had an awesome view of the game. We only stayed till the end of the 5th inning. The kids were cold, and we wanted to beat traffic. But it was so much fun! I'm glad we went.

Ready to go!

Hunter's happy to be here...

But unimpressed that he has to wait for cotton candy!

Brinley loved it!