Monday, February 28, 2011


Jasen has been wanting to do a science experiment for a really long time. So he finally came up with a hypothesis: will white roses turn colors if put in colored water? I bought him some white roses, and he set up 3 glasses- each with different water. One had green water, one had red water, and one was regular water. It was pretty cool to see that the roses did indeed change colors! And they changed way faster than I had anticipated. Jasen did a great job. He checked their progress 2-3 times a day, took several pictures, and kept a journal of all his findings. He is also in the process of typing it all up into a report.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Since Tristan turned 10 last month, he has officially entered the last leg of his Cub Scout journey- the Webelos. This is the finishing of Cubs, and the getting ready for real Boy Scouts. He has been pretty excited about starting, since they do a lot more building and whatnot. However, Cahl is a little bummed, because there are only 2 sections of the Webelo program to be done at home. The rest is done with the den. So Cahl won't be able to be as involved anymore. But I told him not to worry, Jasen turns 8 in just a few months! :) So at tonight's pack meeting, Tristan was officially welcomed into the Webelo den, and received his book, neckerchief and new slide.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Science Fair

Tristan's school held it's annual Science Fair last night. It was open to the 4th and 5th graders, and a few 3rd grade teams, and there must have been over a hundred displays. The theme this year was "Going Green," and so the majority of the projects were about recycling, oil spill clean up, water purification, ect. Tristan did his project on using animal waste to make methane gas. His idea was original, not one other kid had the same project as him. He and Cahl started this project 2 months ago, building the methane digester, monitoring it, collecting and recording data, building a display board, all of that. And the last weekend was spent painting the display board, putting the board all together, and writing his report. All together, Tristan put many hours into this project. So anyway, at the fair there was a panel of judges, (5 maybe) who went around and looked at all the displays before everyone got there. Then after all the kids came, they went around again asking the kids questions about their projects. All the kids stood by their displays while other kids and parent also went around and visited with them, while they awaited the judges decision. So after about an hour, the winners were announced. They awarded 1st-3rd place in each grade. And the 1st place winner for 4th grade goes to... TRISTAN GOUKER!!! Yes, our son is the 4th grade Grand Champion winner at the science fair! His display will now go on the the school district science fair to be held at UNLV. He was so excited when the announced his name, he jumped up laughing and clapping! And he just beamed the rest of the night. He honestly did 95% of the work on his project by himself, and Cahl only helped him when he needed it, or asked for it. Cahl and I are so incredibly proud of him! Of course, his big win called for an ice cream outing! It was a great night, and I couldn't be more happy for him!

the completed project

happy camper

with his project at the science fair

first place ribbons

VERY happy camper!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Still Here

So I just got to realizing that it's been a while since I sat down to write anything on my blog. But not to worry, we are still here and doing fine! Just getting back to being busy. At the end of January, Cahl and I both started back up at school, and around that same time Tristan and Jasen started football practice. So that has been keeping us going almost every day. Hunter is also still keeping busy with playgroup and preschool, and we even signed him up for soccer this spring. This will be the first time we have 3 kids playing sports, so we'll see how it goes. Hopefully we won't have many overlapping games. The good thing is that Tristan and Jasen's games will all be back to back, so that will only require one parent at one location, and the other will go with Hunter to his games if it's necessary to split up. So I think overall it should be really fun for all of them. Here's to hoping anyway! Brinley is still fantastic. She hoofs it all over the house now, and walking is definitely her preferred mode of transportation. She has even ventured to walk outside a few times, and as long as she is not on an uneven surface she does just fine. She is so much fun to have around. She loves it if we stoop down and hold our arms out. She'll walk as fast as she can into our arms for a hug! She knows so many words now. She says "dada", "mama", and "yeah", but she also knows: "bite", "up", "no", "bottle", "puff", "kiss", "come on", "all done", and more. She also loves to rearrange our dining room chairs. She pushes them all around the tile until she gets stuck, and then she'll go find another chair. She is also quite the dumpster diver, and we have since resorted to keeping our trash can up on the counter so she can't get into it. I gave her her first pedicure today! I have been wanting to paint her toes for months now, and so I just decided to go for it. And it looks SO CUTE!!! I love it! I am such a girly girl at heart, and over the years I've kinda pushed that aside having all boys in the house and doing all the boy things for so long. But now that Brinley is here, I'm so excited for someone to do all the girly things with!