Wednesday, March 30, 2011


The last 9 years have been an amazing journey. I am the luckiest girl to be able to say that I have spent every day of it with my very bestest friend. Happy Anniversary Cahl! I love you more than words can say, and I am so excited to spend the rest of my time here with you!

So this year's traditional gift is pottery, and Cahl got me a very pretty pot with a beautiful hydrangea in it. He also strayed from tradition and got me a new toaster and waffle maker. I am so excited about them, because we badly needed to upgrade the sizes due to the size of our family and how much these boys eat!

I decided to go the modern gift route, and had a custom leather gun case made for Cahl's shotgun. I found a guy here in town who does leather work, I designed the case myself, and had it personalized with his initials. I am really happy with how it turned out, and I think Cahl likes it too.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Bonecrushers vs Cowboys~ Jasen

After Tristan's game this morning, we ran and got a quick lunch before coming back to the field for Jasen's game in the afternoon. Our little Bonecrushers played the Cowboys today, and came away with their second win of the season! This was also a great game, and the final score was 8-0.

Bonecrushers vs Spartans~ Tristan

Tristan's team played against the Spartans today and man, it was a close game! Very defensive, both teams held their lines. In the second quarter (I think) our boys scored a 2 point safety, which is pretty rare and super exciting! So the score until almost the end of that game was 2-0. Then in the final quarter the Spartans scored a touchdown, making the final score 7-2. A rough loss, but a great game!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Bonecrushers vs Panthers~ Jasen

The first games of the season were today, and Jasen went first. He chose number 19 as his number this season. He didn't get a lot of playing time in today, but he did pretty well when he was in. He still tends to hesitate sometimes, and so he misses tackles sometimes. But I think with more practice he'll get better. But his team won their first game, 20-6! A great way to start off the season!

Bonecrushers Vs Panthers~ Tristan

Tristan's game was immediately following Jasen's today, and his team also played the Panthers. They played great, and won 12-6. Tristan is playing starting center, and he did pretty good. He still needs to work on the consistency of his shotgun snaps, but the more he does it the better he'll be. And so the season if off to a great start for both boys!

Date Night!

After the games today, Cahl and I went downtown to see the Blue Man Group. I'll be honest and say that this was not one of the shows on my "want to see while I live here" list. However, I am very happy to say that I LOVED IT! It was so much fun! Cahl got us amazing seats- third row, smack dab in the middle. We even got to wear super sexy plastic ponchos! The show was really good, very funny and interactive, with great music. One of the Blue Men even threw a marshmellow at me, and climbed over the back of my chair. And Cahl got a lump of jello flung at him, and sprayed with some stinky banana mash. It was a great show. I had a great time, and I am so happy we got to go see it!

Friday, March 18, 2011


Today we celebrated my 27th birthday. Cahl brought home some fantastic BBQ for dinner, and made me a huge German chocolate cake. And then he and the kids all spoiled me with gifts: Hunter got me a nice bath set, Jasen got me a new set of curling irons, Tristan got me a new purse, and Brinley got me a new book. Then Cahl surprised me with tickets to see the Blue Man Group! I am looking forward to going! Cahl also took me to the dentist the day before my birthday, and I was able to get all the work done that I needed. Not exactly a conventional birthday gift, but I am so grateful that he took a day off work, and went with me for support, and to take care of Brinley. It is such a relief knowing that everything is fixed and fine now. Thank you Cahl! Thanks so much to my wonderful husband and kids for yet another great birthday!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Today was the second trimester Award ceremony at the boys' school. Our little smarty pants Jasen once again received the attendance award, and made the straight A Honor Roll!

Saturday, March 12, 2011


Today was Tristan and Jasen's Football Jamboree! The Jamboree is like the kick off to the new season. All the teams come out, and each division does a round robin scrimmage with all the other teams for 2 hours. They play each other team for about 15-20 minutes, and get an opportunity to meet the other coaches and get a feel for how each team is going to play during the season. Jasen's division has 7 teams, and Tristan's has 8. So we were there for about 5 hours while each of the boys had their turn.

Jasen didn't get a lot of playing time, as he is still fairly small on his team, but when he did play he did well. I can see him starting to get more aggressive on the field, and really figuring out what is going on.

Jasen, number 4

Jasen, number 4 again

And there's Jasen, still number 4

Tristan is playing starting center, so he gets quite a bit of play time. He is also small compared to many of his team mates, but he was really holding his own on the field. And so our spring football season has begun, and it's looking like a good one!

Tristan, number 53

number 53 again

Can't miss him, number 53, right in the middle

Brinley gives the day a thumbs up!

Thursday, March 10, 2011


My sister sent down a little play kitchen for Brinley, and she absolutely loves it! And so do the boys. I have had to tell them several times that it is a baby GIRLS toy, not a big boys toy. :)Brinley loves the music, she loves to open the fridge and oven, and she loves to play peek a boo and crawl through the middle. Thanks Aunt Saliesh and Cousin Paige!!

Friday, March 4, 2011


Our sweet baby girl is 11 months old now. I cannot believe how fast this time with her has gone by. She fits into our family so well, most of the time I think "Wow, only 11 months? It seems like she's been with us forever." We all adore her so much, even when she's crabby!

*She is STILL teething! She only has 1 tooth, and it's not quite all the way through yet. She is chewing on everything in sight, all the time.

*She started waving recently. She waves at us all the time, and now she is even starting to wave at random strangers, but only if they are not talking to her. If they talk to her, she loses it.

*She has stranger anxiety full force. NO ONE can hold her, except mom, dad and Tristan. She doesn't even like to be down walking around if there are strange people talking to her.

*In addition to stranger anxiety, she is just like a little lap dog! She gets so upset if Cahl hugs me or wrestles around with me. She lets him know that I'm HER mama!

*She has recently discovered the cabinets under our bathroom sinks in the master bath, and our bathroom and bedroom constantly looks like a drug store was vandalized. I have some of the cabinet locks, we just need to install them.

*She gets especially upset if I am on the computer. She really hates sharing! She'll come and stand right next to me, pacing and wringing her hands untill I am done. She looks like such a nervous nelly!

Brinley is definitely our little Princess, and that's just fine with us!