Saturday, April 30, 2011

Bonecrushers vs Panthers~ Jasen

Jasen's team played the Panthers again today, and they did awesome, winning 28-0. Jasen is so fired up about this season, it's really fun to watch him. He is getting more and more play time, and even getting to play center sometimes, which he is just over the moon about! I'm so happy that he is enjoying this season so much!

Bonecrushers vs Cowboys~ Tristan

Tristan's team played the Cowboys today. I was a little nervous going into this game, since the Cowboys have been a powerhouse team in this league for several years. But our Bonecrushers came out in full force, and shut the Cowboys down 9-0. It was a great game, and I'm happy to see our boys do so well.


Hunter's soccer game today went really well. Despite being very early and cold, the kids did well and won 3-1. Hunter's the one in the brown hoodie.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Zip Line

Cahl's mom came to town for the weekend to watch the boys' games, and today was her birthday. We surprised her by taking her out to dinner at a tiny little place downtown that she started going to 35 years ago. In fact, when Cahl was growing up, they went there every year for her birthday, but she hadn't been there in probably close to 20 years, since she and Cahl moved to Idaho. So we decided it would be the perfect place for her birthday dinner! It was fantastic, and I think she was surprised and very happy to go there again after such a long time.

After dinner we went over to Fremont Street. Being a Friday night, all the street performers were out! We saw a guy in a box, and we ran into most of KISS, Brett Micheals, Austin Powers, Betty Boop, Jessica Rabbit, Spiderman, and Darth Vader. My boys nearly passed out when they saw him! They even got to fight him with light sabers!

Guy in a box

Jasen fighting Darth Vader

Fremont St has a zip line going through it, and Tristan, Jasen and I got to ride it. It was so much fun! You start on the top (5th) level of a parking garage, and go down about halfway under the Experiance covering. I made it all the way, but both boys got stuck and had to be pulled in. They were so nervous, but ended up loving it!

Ready to go

From the top of the zip line

All 3 of us coming down

The boys getting pulled in

Monday, April 25, 2011

Spring Break/Cleaning/Easter

So this year for spring break, I made a deal with the boys. I made a list of all the housework/chores/spring cleaning stuff I wanted to get done. And for every item they did, they got paid $1. We kept a tally of who did what, and Friday morning I paid them everything that they earned, and we headed down to the mall so they could do their own shopping. I am so proud of them for being to helpful, and working their butts off for 4 days. And they are so happy that they got to get what they wanted! Last weekend was also one of the only weekends we'll have without any games for the next few months, so we took advantage of it by staying home and having a yard sale on Saturday. We did really well cleaning out the house and garage, and made about $250. Between cleaning and cleaning stuff out, the house looks great! I am so happy with it, finally!

This year's Easter was pretty low key and quiet for us. We dyed eggs Saturday night, and after the boys went to bed, Cahl and I filled eggs and made baskets. Sunday morning the boys got up and found their baskets, then went on an egg hunt! They all filled their baskets and had a great time!

She ran into a table during the yard sale and banged up her nose :(

Sunday, April 17, 2011


This is just a post full of random photos of the kids from the last few months. They are not in any special order, most of them were taken on Cahl's and my phones, and I just love each of them!

Sprinkler under the trampoline

Tristan's team photo


Pretty Princess

kisses for mama

Crazy kid!

Snuggled up and sleepy

with a school creation

getting pumped up for a game

candy train made at school

Bath time!

She got a puff stuck on her nose!

First piggy!

First ride in the "big" car seat

my prisoner!

smelling the Valentine's flowers

At the Springs Preserve


nap time