Tuesday, January 22, 2013

June- The Begining

The beginning of June is always the last week of school here in Vegas, so it's usually full of fun stuff going on. Jasen's class had been working on human anatomy, and they made life sized models of themselves. He did a great job on his, and it hung proudly in the office until Brinley started removing his organs.

One of the other really cool things some of the 4th grade teachers do is called the Living Museum. Each kid picks a historical figure, and writes a short speech to memorize. On the day of the museum, they dress up as their character and recite their speech to whomever comes to see and listen to them. Tristan did it a few years ago as Theodore Roosevelt, and this year Jasen was SO excited it was his turn. He chose Brett Favre, and he helped Cahl and I design and make him a custom uniform. He had written and practiced his speech for weeks, and we were so proud of him. Tristan, Hunter and Brinley were all very happy to get to go see him at the Living Museum and hear his speech. He looked awesome, and all the teachers and other kids told us how well he did. 

On the last weekend before school got out, Tristan's school wrestling team had their big tournament. He had been going to practices every week, and the whole team was excited for the big day. After patiently waiting for over an hour, it was finally Tristan's turn. After the customary shaking of hands and good lucking, the match began... and ended about 23 seconds later when Tristan rolled over and pinned his opponent! We couldn't believe it, but he did it- and he had the fastest pin of the entire tournament! We were super proud of him, and he was pretty proud of himself too- he grinned like a cat the rest of the day!


The tournament just happened to be on Jasen's birthday, and so as soon as Tristan's wrestling tournament was over, we headed out to go camping. Since Jasen's birthday is in the summer, he has asked to go camping for his birthday almost every year since he was 3, and we always do. This year he wanted to take our new trailer up to Mt. Charleston, which was nice since it's not so far away and we didn't leave town until almost noon. Jasen got a new bike, among other things, for his birthday. He was really happy with it, and excited that it is a mountain bike, so he can take it camping when we go and be able to ride up and down all the hills. He seemed especially excited about his S'more pie that I created for him! He really loved it, and it was rather tasty if I do say so.

During the last week of school, both boys had their class award ceremonies. Jasen received the Attendance Award as well as the A-B Honor Roll.

Tristan also received the Attendance Award, A-B Honor Roll, and the Citizenship Award. Both boys worked really hard in their classes this year, and we are proud of both of the their accomplishments.

The entire 5th grade also had their Graduation ceremony during that week, and it was really nice to all these kids that we've come to know, who have grown up so much right before us, off on their way toward middle school. And since I'm such a big sap, it was also a little sad.