Thursday, February 27, 2014

1st Grade Program

Tonight was Hunter's 1st Grade Music Program at school.  He was so excited, and all the classes did a great job!


Since Jasen is in 5th grade this year, he and his class did a PACE project for Social Studies. PACE stands for Performance Assessment of Critical Elements, and it is something done district wide. His class was divided into 5 units, each with 5-6 members. Each unit was given a different main topic and each member was given a different subtopic. They worked hard on their project for several months. The program was based on “We the People,” where students are required to research an inquiry based question reflecting on what they have learned about the Constitution and how it applies in the world around them.  Individually they write an essay in response to a question that is part of an entire unit.  Students must then work as a team to complete an oral presentation. The oral presentation is followed up with a question and answer period for students to demonstrate a deeper understanding of their unit. The goal is for students to understand the contemporary relevance of the Constitution and Bill of Rights, and to develop civic responsibility. This presentation is a simulated congressional hearing in which students testify before a panel of judges (made up of 2 district representatives, 2 community members, and a teacher other than their own). Students demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of the constitutional principles and have opportunities to evaluate, take and defend positions on relevant historical and contemporary issues. Jasen's class did an amazing job! During their presentation, each student is graded based on their knowledge of their question, their speaking, and their use of notecards. Jasen was one of only 3 in his class to earn a perfect score on the oral presentation, since he used no notecards at all. Each student was also graded on the written essay they turned in, which focused on their knowledge of the subject, their argument for or against it, and their writing skills. Jasen also earned a perfect score on his essay! I am so proud of the hard work he put into his project. He spent many hours researching, studying, and practicing, and he really did a great job.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Pinewood Derby

This year was Jasen's last Pinewood Derby, as he will be turning 11 and moving into Boy Scouts this summer. He always likes to design and build his car, and this year he decided to stain it instead of painting it. Him and Cahl also attached a bullet (no worries, it was taken apart and disabled!) to the top, and named it the Speeding Bullet! His car did well during the race, and he placed 7th overall.

Saturday, February 8, 2014


Last night was the annual Klondike Campout for the big scouts. This year Jasen got to go as well as several of his friends, and they all had so much fun!

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Lost Tooth

Hunter lost a tooth yesterday. It's his first top one, and he is so proud! He even left a note for the Tooth Fairy, asking what she does with all the teeth she collects, and she left him a note in return! He was so excited!