Saturday, August 29, 2015

Hunter Football

Today was Hunter's first football game. He was so excited! Even though his team lost 22-0, he had fun and it was nice to see them out playing their hardest.

Scout Bike Ride

Last night Cahl, Tristan, and Jasen went on a scout bike ride. There was a group of almost 30 scouts, leaders, and dads that drove to New Meadows, camped overnight, then rode about 20 miles on the Weiser River Trail to Council today.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Tristan Football vs Eagle

Tonight was Tristan's first game of the season. They played against Eagle, and crushed them 38-8. It was a great game, and a great way to start the season!


Jasen Football vs Sawtooth

Jasen's team played their first game of the season against their rival Sawtooth Middle School today. Jasen is playing safety this year, which he absolutely loves. They lost, but it will be a great way to kick off the season!

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Court of Honor

Tonight Tristan and Jasen had their scout Court of Honor. They have both worked hard over the last few months, and we are really proud of them. Tristan earned the Geology, Archery, Soil and Water Conservation, Art, Mining in Society, and Fish and Wildlife Conservation badges.

Jasen was the nights big winner with 18 badges. He earned: Geology, Archery, Soil and Water Conservation, Art, Mining in Society, Fish and Wildlife Conservation, Rifle Shooting, Camping, Wilderness Survival, Shotgun Shooting, Environmental Science, Family Life, Citizenship in the Community, Swimming, Chess, Orienteering, Astronomy, and Small Boat Sailing.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Back to School

Today was once again the first day of school. Tristan is a freshman at Rocky Mountain High School. Jasen is in 7th grade at Heritage Middle School. Hunter is in 3rd grade at Prospect Elementary. And Brinley is in full day kindergarten at Prospect Elementary. It's incredibly weird not having anyone home with me all day. I will admit that I had a few very minor meltdowns today, but I'm excited for this new chapter in their lives.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Black and Purple

Tonight was also the kick off to Tristan's football season, with a big event called Black and Purple. They have 2 silent auctions and a raffle, as well as an exhibition game. The first 2 quarters are the freshman team vs the JV team. Then between quarters they have a performance by the band, drill team, and dance team. The third quarter is JV vs varsity, and the fourth quarter is varsity offense vs varsity defense. It was a lot of fun, and all 3 teams are looking great.



Hunter is playing football this fall, and his practices started last week. He's done really well, and I've been really impressed with him so far. Today was the Jamboree, down at Bronco Stadium, and it was awesome. The kids all got weighed in and had their photos done, then they had a scrimmage out on the smurf turf. Most of the BSU players were there as well, cheering the teams on and getting them fired up. It was so cool that they did that, it really means so much to those little guys!

Thursday, August 13, 2015


Tristan has been working hard for the last few weeks on his drivers ed, and today he received his permit! It took a few tries on the online test, but he did it. And he's a surprisingly good driver! I'm happy that he has 6 months to drive with only Cahl or I, and then he'll have almost a year of day only, and no more than 1 friend, driving.

Sunday, August 9, 2015


Last weekend we decided at the last minute to go camping up near Donnelly. The campground we stayed at was pretty crowded, and not the type we usually like to be at, but it was right on Lake Cascade so it was fun. Saturday morning we drove up and around McCall. We stopped at a little state park on Lake Payette and rented a kayak for an hour, and Cahl and I took turns giving each of the little ones rides. We all had so much fun.

Tristan had been invited to go up to Camp Morrison Friday night as a senior scout leader for the 11 year old camp, so we met up with him Saturday afternoon. After we picked up Tristan, we went back to our camp and the kids all went swimming. That night Cahl set up "fry night," were he fried all manner of treats for dessert. The funnel cake was awesome!

Sunday we drove up past Gold Fork. It is really pretty up there, and the kids had fun dipping their toes in the freezing creek and trying to catch grouse. Cahl even caught one!