Friday, July 28, 2017


After Cahl and I spent the weekend in Colorado, we drove over and met up with Cahl's mom and the kids in Crescent City California, where we had rented a house on the beach for the week. We spent Monday evening exploring the beach and house, and relaxing.

Tuesday morning we spent down at low tide, looking for crabs and starfish. Then we headed down to The Trees of Mystery, to hike among the Redwoods and ride the gondola.

After the Trees of Mystery, we drove down to Patrick's Point and went down to Agate beach. It was beautiful and the weather was perfect!

Wednesday we toured this super cool old lighthouse, then spent the rest of the day at the beach, followed by dinner at a really cool place in the harbor.

Thursday was our last day in Crescent City, so we spent the morning at the aquarium and in the afternoon we headed back to the beach.

On the way home we stopped at "The Natural Bridge" for a little break, which was really neat. It was a great vacation, and a great way to wrap up our summer break.